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EPA Logo“Our workers are our greatest assets; our products are our proudest achievements; the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the public our highest priority.”

  Bedoukian Research feels strongly about protecting the environment and recognizing the needs of the local community.

 The company strives to operate above the requirements for compliance with all Federal, State and local environmental and health regulations, as well as those of industry trade organizations and national standards organizations.

From the beginning, Bedoukian Research (BRI) has made a commitment to protect the health and safety of its employees and the surrounding community and to maintain the quality of the environment. Our chemical processes are evaluated from both safety and environmental viewpoints, including a special Waste Reduction Committee who works to revamp our existing processes to generate less waste.  Additionally we make every effort to recycle raw materials to further reduce our waste output.

The company has installed a 30,000 pound activated carbon bed air filtration system to remove odors and volatile organic chemical emissions. We also utilize an integrated computer system to fully control our inventory of chemicals.

We practice good recycling habits and conserve energy by shutting down unnecessary equipment when not in use. We aim to reduce paper by moving to electronic means of record-keeping where possible.

BRI is a member of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and a dedicated participant in both local and industry organizations to promote the well-being of the industry and of the public.

We also give back to the community through volunteering to the local food pantry, donating resources and funds to non-profit organizations like Ability Beyond, and providing funds to local hospitals for medical research.  These along with many other forms of contributions to our local community are part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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How do I search for a product?

Quick Search: At the bottom left of the Home Page there is a “Quick Search” field for keywords or product codes. Advanced Search: At the top of the Home Page...

How do I find a product by CAS #?

Type in the CAS Number in the Keywords or BRI Product # field in the “Quick Search” box on the home page or on the “Advanced Search” page.

What is a semiochemical?

A semiochemical (semeon means a signal in Greek) is a generic term used for a chemical substance or mixture that carries a message. These chemicals act as messengers within or...

How do I find Specifications, MSDS, Registered Label, etc. for a product?

Search for the product using any of the methods described above. To print a specification click on the SPEC icon for the product you are interested in. This will display...

What can I do if I don't find the product I'm looking for?

Fill out the custom request form. A link can be found on the top of your search results page or you may click here to access it now.

How do I request a quote?

Add the product(s) of interest to your wish list via the plus sign on the bottom right hand side of your search results page. When you have added all your...

How do I place an order?

Email: You may email (customerservice@bedoukian.com) our Customer Service Department at any time. Fax: You may fax (203-830-4010) our Customer Service Department at any time.Phone: You may telephone (203-830-4000) our Customer...

Who may place an order?

We only sell to businesses and universities. We will not sell or ship direct to individuals.

What is a Purchaser Acknowledgement Statement (PAS)?

A signed statement from a foreign purchaser of the unregistered pesticide (including research substances which are being exported for testing) acknowledging that the purchaser understands that the pesticide is not...

How quickly will I receive my order?

Stock orders will typically be processed and shipped within two to three business days. Many of our semiochemical products are multi-step syntheses and made to order so the lead-time will...

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